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Everybody lies to me and everybody dies
But that will never change my mind
I am only holding out for me
I don’t care what people say
I’m not gettin’ out of bed today
And the truth is I don’t really have to
It’s my own damn passing life and
I’m the only one that’s done the time
And I’ll waste it however I damn well please
And I done loved my fair share of men
And a good half of them I’d do it again
I seem to have found one that fits

Oh, I know no road ends with you
Oh, I know no road ends with you

And if I want to pass the ground beneath my feet
Or travel to India to have some tea
Well, you can come but you don’t really have to
If I want to write about love and death
Well, I’ll write out to my hearts content
Don’t tell me they all sound the same
No one seems to hear my beat or
Get the words out between my teeth
You can’t hear what you don’t listen for
Tell that village to light their torch
I’ll be drinking whiskey out on my porch
When they come and burn me at the stake.

Oh, I know no road ends with you
Oh, I know no road ends with you

Talk, talk, talk nobody’s even listening
Your jaw will grow tired someday
So, walk, walk, walk off in my own direction
It’s time I be on my way

There are some things I know for sure
Like wanderlust it ain’t got no cure
That I can’t teach y’all how to think
That two plus two is always four
That if I got some I’ll want some more
That the better half is always yet to come
That I won’t die standing still
The ocean and winds wont change your will
And that time will keep on turning round
I’ll never sell my soul to a gypsy on an ancient shore
Because he ain’t got no more answers than you do

Oh, I know no road ends with you
Oh, I know no road ends with you


from Creek Don't Rise, released August 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Cherokee Fade Costa Mesa, California

Cherokee Fade, the love child of Kevin Elliot and Erin Rose is made of simple melodies, real stories, and a dedication to the truth. Their sound is timeless and unique. They are out to capture your beating heart and racing mind. There exists an undeniable magnetism between them in their live performance and they want to invite you to come listen to their stories. ... more

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